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People Profiling Tools

Our personnel and associates are Certified Users of Thomas International’s tools - Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and Test for Selection & Training (TST). Others bring expertise of other tools including SHL, Myers Briggs and Belbin. These tools help motivate, stimulate and encourage people in an organisation by raising self awareness and confidence. The tools provide an objective assessment of candidates enabling employers to understand and develop the full potential of existing personnel and are used for recruitment, selection and management development purposes.

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) gives greater awareness of individuals work behaviour preferences based around the DISC model - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The tools for Selection and Training measures “Fluid Intelligence”. We utilise other tools which assess where a person perceives themselves to sit within a team environment - for example, are they the driver, the investigator, the worker, the creative thinker?

Utilisation of these tools gives individuals and employers a better insight into areas of strength and preference.

Personal Success Factor Interviewing

Personal Success Factor Interviewing has also been referred to as Competency or Behavioural Based Interviewing. This is an interview style which draws out of candidates the information that an employer really wants to know about given work situations. Find out WHAT someone has actually done and HOW it was done. Our Consultants have been using PSF Interviewing Techniques over several years to help ascertain internal and external candidates suitability for a specific role or organisation.

Personal Success Factors are those underlying characteristics which are casually related to “superior performance” in a job. It's a style of interviewing used so that a candidate can best communicate how they would demonstrate certain behaviours, skills or competencies in the work place; by answering questions about how they have reacted to and dealt with previous work-place situations. By using past experience a potential employer can predict future behaviour by eliminating misunderstandings, preventing personal impressions and remaining objective and by reducing the candidate's ability to "fake".
Traditional job descriptions are now quite out-dated. Most organisations will analyse a role by breaking it down into key Personal Success Factors. For example the Personal Success Factors of a General Manager may be Planning and Organising, Innovation, Personal Drive, Problem Analysis and Decision Making.
The use of Personal Success Factors for recruitment, AND appraisals will help ensure that people sit in the right roles and are given the right help to develop themselves and the organisation to the full potential.

Recruitment Service

In addition to the In-House recruitment activity we have provided clients with a contingency and search based recruitment service. Particular areas of expertise include:
HR Personnel

Compensation & Benefits Specialists

- Learning & Development Experts
- Recruitment and Resourcing Managers
- Organisational Design Specialists
- HR Directors
- HR Managers
 Sales & Marketing Management
- Telecommunications sector
- IT and Software House sector
- Financial Services sector
Finance Directors and Controllers
Project and Programme Managers
- Property Services sector
- Telecommunications sector
- IT and Software House sector
- Financial Services sector
Call Centre Management
- Telecommunications sector
- Financial Services sector
Procurement Specialists
Successes include:

HR Director for a Systems Integration Company;
Finance Director, Business Development Manager and a Compensation & Benefits Manager for a Software House;
General Manager for a Property Maintenance Company;
Programme Managers, Quantity Surveyor, Commercial Manager and Procurement Manager for a national transportation company and a telecommunications company.
Our volume activity has included:

70+ Field and Switch Technicians for a Mobile Telephone Provider
40+ Graduates a year for a Telephone Operator over a four year period and;
Two finance teams (circa 18 people each) for a fixed telephone operator and a software house in London and Dublin.

Links to other organisations

Stewartson & Associates has worked successfully with a number of organisations and is happy to provide contact and links in to the following, when contacting them, please advise that you found their link via www.staa.co.uk:
www.rpoaudit.net - provides an audit service assessing how well your outsourced recruitment provider is perceived both internally by your hiring managers and internal applicants and externally by external candidates and third party suppliers.

www.orghealth.co.uk - Transform the Working World. Organisation Health was founded in response to the proven, urgent need for primary prevention of stress in the workplace.
www.columbus-online.co.uk - provision of professional web design and maintenance for small to medium sized business.
www.fsb.co.uk - The Federation of Small Business is the largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of owners of small firms.
www.iod.co.uk - The Institute of Directors is a worldwide association of members providing a professional network reaching in to every corner of the business community.

But life is not just about work and business…..

www.sanansovino.com - Sant’ Ansovino is a 12th century Benedictine monastery nestling in the breathtaking and tranquil hills of central Italy, at the crossroads of Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche. Over a three year period it has been lovingly restored into a luxury holiday home using original materials.
www.umsinsi.com - if you are serious about “unlocking your creativity” there are courses and examples on this website designed to help you.

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